Zhelyu Burilkov - CEO of "Marina Systems" Ltd.: Do you know the north of the Bosporus is super 

Galia Andonova
I left with the memory of the first interview for the magazine "Yachts". In 2006 we visited the Arch. Parvanov. By default Zhelyu Burilkov touch. Nor imagination nor effort to portray their detailed plans to create a modern resort, the sea passing through built the most modern technology marina, were sufficient to submit them. And now I'm not easier, although there is something already known.
Marina with sparkling white yachts hypnotize my eyes from the hills of White City. Below me lahna fresh luxury 5-star hotel complex, for which there is no concept of haze. Hospitable hosts me through graceful pier covered with teak, conveniently stretched "fingers" to the peaceful residents yachts.
Zhelyu Burilkov welcomed me aboard the newest sailing "Jeanneau". I just returned from a meeting of dealers in France, with no trace of fatigue, boredom or haste, very friendly for responding to my numerous questions. Our conversation was interrupted by phone calls business - his business ran deep, without feeling any pressure. For me, time had stopped. I had to remind me that has done the work day to get back to reality - were gone for 4 hours in conversation!
- What is your short story?
- I was born in Sofia on April 8, 1968 I graduated from technical school trade, then World Economy. In recent years, few people work what followed, and I make no exception. Business is very unequal and learn on the go. In yachting doing recently - from 2-3 years. And until recently there were no conditions to own a boat or yacht. I am a lover of all kinds of water sports. I have practiced - not a high professional level - sailing and diving work. Looking for sunken ships, trying to make expeditions into the Black Sea, driven by opportunism and love the sea. Gradually work relates to their hobby to me is more pleasant. I try to balance things.
- Why did you decide to work with just "Polaru Marine"
- Study the market about a year, studying with what facilities operate large and expensive ports. It was necessary to find hot water. We walked and looked at what people do. Naturally, the more expensive cities and ports have tried to put the best. Statistics show that this is the most preferred, but also the most luxurious and expensive product. He would have made ??an impression on every yachtsman, sailing, cruising the seas, stopped both ordinary and expensive ports. We had come to see the best it can impress him and when he returned, telling enthusiastically. When you need to choose between quality and price, compromising with the price and quality look. We concluded that the most appropriate pontoons - beautiful, comfortable, practical - "Mercedes" the ports - of pontoons "Polaru Marine" - the largest company in this area.
Companies in this business are not much - perhaps a dozen. While the majority of them are relatively small and unable to invest in research, development of new technologies, "Polaru Marine" is very powerful company with plants in Canada, Australia, New Zealand. It invests many resources in specialized prouchvatelski and design departments and activities, continuous development and improvement of the business. If other companies have created something 20 years ago continue to produce it and it brings them some revenue, this company works differently. We are their only representatives in Bulgaria.
- What kind of ambition to pursue construction of a marina?
- We believe that this is the best on the market. It is, on the one hand, people who know boats - where the owner has a yacht to bind and be calm, even leave it for five - six months, his boat is safe, will not suffer will not experience any problems that have equipment and people who care about her. And the other - for people who did not understand yachts - mothers with children, guests of the city ... Come and should not like to see that something is beautiful, it does not look like what it knows and serves ugly technical facility. Every detail is invented and its design is made ??so that it is not purely technical emement and is aesthetically polished and suits the situation. To appeal to a wider audience.
- Coverage of teak is it?
- Yes. Import facility of ready modules - sections are fitted, the tree is installed. Such facilities can buy where you want and whatever you want. The big question is who and how will you install them. If there are 30 boats here, and every example worth 200 thousand euros, this is ? 6,000,000, arranged in a row. If this entire line disconnect and go into the concrete pontoon, people will seek responsibility from us. The owner of the port must be sure the company that will install the equipment and it must assume its guarantee of what is going on. Below, underwater technology is know-how. In Bulgaria there is no other company that understands this business.
- How many years have warranty?
- Our facilities have a five year warranty. We are authorized by the company that makes their installation and is approved by the manufacturer. We can not afford to catch someone who thinks he can make them fit, but no guarantee test criteria. No person in Bulgaria who had done it before us and has accumulated some experience. Working with a French company specialized in such installations. It supports 30 years of great marina in Marseilles and 20 major ports throughout the region of Marseille. 30, deals with this. One of the owners' Marina Systems "has worked five years in this company. But despite his perfect knowledge and experience in the last settings specialists come from France, and finally comes the manufacturer shall review and certify security. One warrant the installation of other equipment.
- Where do you train your people for installation?
- Periodically, we send our team to France to study. The team that worked on the installation of the equipment is not very big - 7-8 people. The work grew, so all winter and all summer not stop it. We began work on the equipment to be installed next summer: a project in Balchik about another 150 places in Sozopol - to 180 seats in Nessebar - 350 seats. Work on the preparation and activities that are under water and not seen, begins now and worked all winter. What is seen above, is made ??quickly and easily.
It is hard work underwater. Very precisely to determine how to deploy and install these components, what is the bottom, what kind of anchors and weights the distance and how to install, what tolerances for water movement have. Balchik In the year the water level moves around the meter. Practical for boats it does not matter - they come, get along with pontoon. Pontoon is tied down to the chains of special bands that if the water drops will be allocated, it will begin to move and ran into the other. If you lift a lot of water, the ropes will be overcharged, not so elastic. Must be examined in detail and reconsider the facility and well protected. It's a whole science. The responsibility is very great, because it is a lot of money - not a boat less than 500 thousand euros.
- What is and what is completed?
- Completion is very initial stage. A wiring ekoremont very serious and extension of all valnozashtitno facility. Current allows the waves under certain weather conditions to spill inside the port. We will repair, expand, protect and raise absolute port inside. Will make pavements, lighting, extension with pontoons and increase of seats. Current locations are 100 - 120. The first time will extend the pontoons, which are present in at least two - three places in the yacht towards the coast. In the eastern part of the port will be approximately 250 seats. In areas where fishing boats anchor now, we do pontoon for yachts over 30 meters. Then predict mirror extension in the western part. Locations throughout the harbor will be at 500.
In a project in the middle between the two wings will be mirrored tower, where the administration. We will have the border police, customs for non-EU boats, offices of the administration of the port, yacht shop, marina, diving schools. One of the schools have already started work in the complex.
Helipad and we have now. Often - often landing the helicopter.
- Your?
- Not only our. Other helicopters come, but we can not provide them with places to stay. Can land, sit half an hour to download or upload to your people and leave. And in Balchik airport has hangars, where they stand.
- With fishing boats what will happen?
- In this issue very actively pursuing the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Defence. Will most likely put fishing boats in the former military port not being used. Already laid out a project with funding from EU programs to build a new fishing port which has a pure fishing. To give them the necessary working conditions currently have to not comply with us and not interfere with each other. Many are good friendly relations with fishermen, but a business is incompatible with the other. Marina is in the city center. Nowhere does one centered on industrial production, and fishing is just that. We have nowhere to go, so they are here. We do not want to drive them out because they have to eat. We do everything possible to help so they can settle their their conditions, they see fit. And us to our convenience.
The concept of the EU is that the yacht and fishing ports should be separate. Aimed at regulating fishing quotas. Hygiene standards, buying fish, cold storage rooms, medical checks, testing, transport ... - All this is easier when you are in one place. Requirement in Bulgaria to fish is the presence of fishing ports. Fishing can not be done at any place, because at least is associated with food. Which in turn will facilitate us with marinas. Industrial fishing, fishing vessels, fish processing, trucks, etc. can not be done in the center of any city, be it Sozopol, Nesebar and Balchik. The people involved in this production, like normal workplace. I'm not talking about the boats of fishermen vadichkite. They are the attraction.
- For the first time applied the model for your port?
- In Sozopol two years ago. In the first year we built pontoons for 60 seats are now 250 next year will be about 400. Overall port water area of Sozopol is great. There may be practical to develop the biggest yacht port in Bulgaria, which can accommodate around 1500 - 2000 yacht places. But the coast has different properties - the municipality of Black Sea fisheries.
What we do is private property - the former fishing port of "Ribeks" company that cultivated rap. There is now building and marina project is creating a very nice complex with shops, restaurants, houses of two floors. The yacht will be a barrier, a small town of about 35 sq m area.
Similar projects exist in Tsarevo, Ahtopol and from serious investors who develop complexes. Built by joint ventures with the participation of Bulgaria. One such large-scale holiday complex can afford to make the yacht marina, which can raise the level, prices of property sold prices for the operation of the hotel and restaurants. Interest in it already will be different.
In Balchik are almost ready three golf courses. By the end of the summer will start to act. There is one project to the golf course and marina is being built - a dozen kilometers from Balchik Kavarna direction. It is great enough to serve customers on the golf course.
Currently there are 9 projects for new marinas outside Sozopol, Nessebar, Balchik, on which work, but it is only an idea. If any of them become a reality and provides an average of 300-400 seats that have a 4-5 thousand berths. I believe that in the next few years will fill them. We can make Bulgaria yacht destination. The market for yachts will rise, there will be foreigners. Bulgaria will come out of the sailors on the map.
- Do not tempt you thought to be a monopoly?
- We want and we can not cover the whole market. And not good for us because we will lose the real picture of the market.
I never claimed that we want to make the best port. I want all newly ports are the best. More marinas do and the more we give them a high standard, so our coastline will be an interesting destination, one way for people with boats, traveling, and the second time - for those who keep them here.
For example, in southern France has a shortage of 50,000 berths. In Croatia - also. There, a simple board to put, I will bind her yacht. People know are interested, want to see their islands, coasts, many old cities. We still build this business and if you want to make Bulgaria a similar yacht destination, the only way to do this is to provide the highest quality of its ports, services and infrastructure around them.
This includes a smooth transition from the port city. In Balchik, stopping at the port, if you stopped in the city center. There are restaurants, hotels, restaurants, shops - whatever you need. Ports that are nowhere, they forced her to leave the boat and hire a car to go somewhere I guess. Do you wonder what to do at such port!
Take, for example Italy or France. People buy houses instead of 500 thousand euros to buy a boat for 200 to 300 thousand euros. Keep it to port - are still the first line of the sea, where the most expensive and are still in the house with all conditions. As they get tired, go to another first line (their house is on the back). There are many Englishmen, Germans, people from across Europe who use the boat for a house. Not much to go on summer vacation for two weeks and take a cruise. In many cases - weekends, holidays, they take flight, go to the boat, sit as a villa, make yourself a break and come back.
Our goal is to create such conditions in our ports. This is related to the infrastructure around them. We try to take full maintenance of yachts, offer them a service that is much better than what they offer out to win them. The market demands it. To take place in Croatia, you agree to everything. Pay whatever you say, push you in the end and you can not complain. Even if you do not clean and not take care of the boats leave her again, because there is nowhere to keep it. We want to do the opposite - more and better services.
- Is there a return on these investments?
- Now in Bulgaria is the cheapest. Do not do things for commercial purposes. The difference between commercial and marinas is that while loading ports make money, make the yacht so that everyone around them to make money. A marina build it from scratch. At least at this stage in Bulgaria can not be that it is profitable. Complicated to wait to return your investment, you have invested in its construction. We build complex where apartments sell, we have a hotel, restaurants, etc. where it should be part of the investment return.
We have a common interest to invest in port. On the one hand, we want to make port. As they do, it helps other businesses. Maybe someday you will become profitable. The investments are large, and the return is not. Practically, if we make a marina for 500 seats, the work and fill it in Mid prices, at some point it will recoup the money. For 10 years the investment will return. Our concession is for 35 years, we hope that in the next 20 years will begin to generate revenues.
Not only we - all who are engaged in this business, do not do it for the money. Make love with the idea to develop all around. If someone is doing it from a purely commercial perspective, as soon as you calculate things will go. You strongly believe in this thing and have a thrill. Pragmatism will refuse the second. Will say - this money will invest in another business, you make much more sense not to do something at least has uncertain prospects. Even an economist to do the business plan, the bill will come out. He said dry figures and says that it is profitable or not. Investment is uneconomical as a port. But it is profitable for all around the harbor. Raises the status of the port city. Raise the price of properties around it raises the price of the hotels around it and restaurants. The salaries of the people. Everything. It creates it as a springboard. Remember the lift of Bansko - the whole city has changed. So it is a marina for a city. I believe it will make more ports in Bulgaria. Whether you participate in some way or not. The more the better for all.
Once in the Mediterranean, as they began to build holiday villages, there is also such an investment boom in real estate. Large investors bought empty land. First constructed yacht marina and then slowly around her whole cities occurred. These resort towns were created in the last 20 years. Currently, the most interesting and sought after centers in the sea.
Our partners Polaru Marine awarded to large companies make strategic studies. What happens? In the middle class in Europe is the accumulation of capital. She still wants to use more services and extras that 20 years ago were available to a much narrower range of people. Consequently, developing a very serious production and sale of yachts. Inoculation technology and machinery for their construction. Production is automated, no longer done manually, which is off their value. This makes them more accessible to people. Many financial companies are oriented towards the financing of yachts: the purchase, leasing companies and banks. And then all this business grow. Conditions are becoming better and easier. The circle is swirled exploding.
- Here is how?
- Dinevi went first. They are the only ones who made ??an entirely new marina. Almost parallel with them we started construction of 80 seats in the experimental marinade in Sozopol. We want to know that in Bulgaria there superyahteni ports with very good conditions, with the latest technology, most modern, most new.
Bulgaria as a sailing destination is missing from the map. For all sailors Istanbul is a great destination. This last point is the east, to which go in the Mediterranean, and from there depart to the south already. Information to be submitted to Atakyoy Marina Black Sea is that only in Constanta has any conditions for stopping the boat. And so.
Those who still know anything about Bulgaria, still unable to experience fear of the former socialist. At a meeting of dealers' Jeanneau "our colleagues from America, Brazil, Europe even asked," Can in Bulgaria to swim with the boat? But how are the laws? " Think that as a time and enter the sea, and they arrested. Should really do some nice things to change the reputation of this country.
- Should not this be done at the state level?
- Yes! Will only happen when we make marinade, and the state say - look what we did in Bulgaria. But even to claim credit, it is something. Conference for the development of marinas Transport Minister said very good words about our business and promised that the state will assist in this development.
There has been progress in this regard because there are already other municipal ports and create conditions for investment in municipal marinas. Mayors are truly interested and have taken the initiative to ports in them and give them a concession to develop them. Questioning our procedure, trying to learn from our experience. They fight for the creation of marinas and try to make them better than others. Each of them wants to say with pride: "Here is our best port", which is great because when you develop this kind of business, it will contribute fully to the entire city.
- You work with the municipalities fine, right?
- Very good. In Balchik and the understanding of the old and the new leadership. Help us with whatever they can. The new leadership has been very active working in the advertising of the city, which can not but be associated with marina.
Mayor of Sozopol is also very good look at these things. Some time ago with the permission of the Ministry of Ecology and active support of the municipality, we bought an old fishing boat. We cleaned it, remove all unnecessary for him obezmaslihme it, disinfect it. And he slipped near Sozopol!
- It will be like a museum exhibit?
- Not only. All over the world to create artificial reefs around which life arises - fish, seaweed, mussels. This is one goal. The other is to become a center for lovers - divers to go down to watch, take photographs, to lead groups. We have a joint initiative with the Municipality of Varna for the same purpose in the Gulf of Varna to plunge the former state airline plane TU 154. To develop a new kind of tourism that the area has to offer.
There are people all over the world, just waiting to discover something new, catch the plane and hurried to go as soon as possible, first to hit. Discovery is embedded in each person. This kind of sports - diving, is developing quite seriously as yachting, not only in Bulgaria. We try to create a chain of diving centers, mostly located in Balchik, Sozopol, Nessebar beginner divers for professional work, technical diving. We want to enforce a high standard of equipment, equipment, requirements for instructors.
- The presence of marinas provide a quick start in pursuit of any sailing, right?
- Definitely. Last year we established a marina in Balchik. We held the first regatta in the fall, in late May did the second. Gathered over 50 boats. Some Romanian boats that were 18, liked the conditions and rank remained thereafter. There is nowhere to stop to sleep, to eat. There are parties where to do. It became quite successful and we plan to become a tradition to develop. Even lead discussions with colleagues from Sozopol, Nessebar, Sveti Vlas expand regattas. Any port to organize events, awards, coastal regatta of its stage. Thus, the first regatta will become more serious, then we will attract tourists and external customers.
Romanians watch what we do and they want to do marinas. You can invite us, and can themselves make them. In both cases it is good because it develops the coast. It is common. Life and health after one year will fall border. Will become one that in Romania, whether in Bulgaria. Our idea is to get out of the Bosphorus, to know that the north is great.
- You will develop a yahtchartara?
- Turkish representative of "Jeanneau" has its own small marina in Marmaris and much of his business unless the sale is the chartering of yachts. With this agreement we have to send their clients. To the route, offering its customers, will add Balchik.
Someday, after we have more marinas will create conditions for development of yahtchartara. Now is a little sore, need a few more years. We need to find customers. To find customers, you have to zainteresuvash.S what interest you, where you go - from here and go, stay in Golden. Sands. The time now is a good port in Varna. Next, which can stop quite Marina Dinevi or Nessebar. From there you descend to Sozopol and so. In a distance of 100 km and the flaw is empty, nothing. And what interesting to see. Realistically, if he is thirty miles away with a nice port, it now may, wake up and see whether or not there is wind, to poplava 4-5 hours, stop to consider. We are old cities that have a lot to see. People do not even know that our coast, especially north, almost the oldest civilization in Europe. No earlier. Special Balchik, Kavarna city of 15 thousand years. In Durankulak, cape, Durankulak archaeological excavations there. It is proved that there was life before 15 thousand years! Pyramids of Egypt are 5 thousand years. Municipalities should develop this type of advertising and tourism and to reconcile the two things.

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