Almar - Bulgarian aluminum yachts 

By Peter Slack
The company we design and manufacture of equipment for the Ministry of Defence. In recent years the activity has decreased significantly. Therefore, we introduced several Italian machine for the production of various products from all types of plastic. To utilize underloaded capacity and good experience in metalworking spetsialistitite our specialized high quality products, we started to look for weaknesses in the Bulgarian market. We found that no production of new yachts. We decided to specialize in production of seagoing luxury motor yachts aluminum with sizes from 5 to 15 meters. We started to produce with our own brand - Almar.
Our database allows production of aluminum constructions, without limitation models. The advantages of this material to others, used for making boats are many. The production is clean - do not emit odors and dust in the process. In terms of flexibility in the implementation of individual orders, the process is unbeatable. Not having to create a matrix of workmanship that makes sense only at a high circulation model. The new project, however different it is from the front, can be realized immediately. This allows complete freedom of design solutions. Aluminum boats are 30% lighter than those made ??of other materials with the same characteristics - such as our 7-meter boat is 900 kg against 2.5 tons of the same fiberglass. This is an important factor for the fast speed boats and ensure lower fuel consumption. Plastic boats can reach a length of 12 m yachts are real metal and the length is unlimited. To improve comfort, the welded aluminum already put 4 cm thermo-and sound-proofed material. We put new machinery and modern methods of welding. The material is easily processed on special equipment. Moreover, as durability is eternal and does not want support.
Will explore the market. We want to show the finished products - to produce and record in the Maritime Administration, to validated and tested under real conditions. Only then offer them for sale. This practice we have raised in previous work as required to the devices of the Ministry of Defence. Testing is done by people who practiced for many years operating a motor yacht in St. Vlas. For us, this production is welcome because it is a continuation of our old business - machining, a new field - boatbuilding. Building activity. We will make high quality models, tested and validated to offer the market. On boats with the same dimensions and performance and appearance will create such a completely different interior. We rely entirely on Contract requirements to satisfy customer demand.
Engineer Peter Slack was born in 1951 in Silistra. He graduated from Technical University - Sofia, specialty electronics, in 1976 worked in the system of OZZU (United factories storage devices). He is currently manager of "Armiteh" Ltd. - Plovdiv.
Practice in Bulgaria shows that most boats are sold 12 to 14 meters with bedroom, toilet. Can be used in our waters and transported easily. We created several models - with different length, shape and characteristics. But technology is the same. We use aluminum AmG - 5, corrosion resistant, leather, bamboo or teak. Skin and tikat imported. The first boat produced a 2 years ago. Since then we have created 5 models. We are currently working on the sixth.The models have different purposes: fishing, sports fans, for day weekends in the sea and dams, for longer trips - with cabins, dormitories, toilets, bathrooms, furniture.
The boats are made ??after the preparation of drawings in 3D - we first see the detail on the computer screen. Correcting errors in the form while still drawing. In Preparation workshops prepare all items. First produced housing - razchertava is to cut - the program is set directly by the computer in Autocad the machine for plasma cutting. Saves a great cycle of creating machine program. This is the longest process. The model should be adequate demand. Introducing and implementing innovations in the form of yacht design and appearance. The interior design is entirely at the request of the client.
To check the demand, we have made ??ready yachts for sale on our website on the Internet. There are many calls. In Bulgaria, so far no other company that produces this kind and class yachts. Have announced details of boats, their prices, the timing of production and manufacturing opportunities. Typically, a sample of large boats is made ??of half a year. The design is longer - from 8 to 10 months, while production is only 3-4 months. With a contract and specified parameters requires a technological time delivery of materials and workmanship of the structure.
Our boats are sea-going, high angle keel, with a larger area of the trapezoid. From observations for comfortable walking by the sea make them open in front, with an outdoor lounge.
In all engines use a combination of MerCruiser 4,3 and 3.5, because we know their characteristics and easier to maintain them. In order not to slide, put cover on the platform of artificial carpet, not burns from the sun does not rot easily and dries - provides high traction and security. Owners rely on their boats 50% for prestige. You look to be very good and the furniture inside is of high quality materials.
The floor of the 26-foot yacht is bamboo, but we prefer to exert teak - are easier to maintain. There are radio, good sound. When you got a visitor, he is quick to accommodate the front. From the platform also has seating for three. It is envisaged that 6 people have the convenience of any location. Comfortable for walking. The front area can be converted into a cabin - to descend a few steps down and cover. 25-foot is nearly the same with small changes in material and workmanship at this time.
Bought an old boat by adjusting versatile fishing boat. The two middle seats are removable - dismantled and can be installed very easily, or at the back of the stern or the bow - this is extremely suitable for fishing. Platform of the nose is also lower than usual, which is associated with the facilities for fishing. The quality is very high.
Small fishing boats are lake - for quieter waters. We have in stock models, which will be accepted. Project will be implemented for 7.8, 5.50, 4.50 m
We build the 9.80-meter yacht - "Almar 33". Closed Front - with the second cabin and management: the upper deck and cabin from inside. Can be developed as a bedroom, without a second deck in front. If two MerCruiser engine from 4.3 liters to a speed of 45 knots. In the version with a 5.7 ??liter engine would speed is 40 knots.
To buy yachts must be available at sea - to a harbor to residents, and those who take them on longer walks. It would be impractical, if create a dispatch service to perform this service for seafarers.Everyone has the opportunity to change course at will, which can be done by radio, but they do redirected to the most convenient route for its port. The owner of the boat should feel free and not required to stop only at one port. Ports must have a fee and living places for visiting yachts. And all this was planned and organized, not the owner be forced to stay anchored in one place at a particular port. When this is decided, anyone can buy a boat because you can use it. It is difficult to create such an organization because we have traditions. But traditions are built, created by centuries.
Allow to absorb in the production of yachts and strive to expand. We are looking for contacts with foreign companies. We have not stopped anyone, because everyone wants to make know-how, but go back to our factory. We have already held three meetings with the Italian company. Negotiating co-production of shells exported to Italy. Joint company to produce them on our territory. Their company was established in 1650 have established traditions. Upon renewal of the production will bring with us the old lines, they create new, more modern. Production covers all of Eastern Europe. In Italy, will produce larger vessels, while in Bulgaria will have a factory for smaller.

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