Bulgaria pulls Passat will market our catamarans 

Target their products to the average standard of Bulgarian buyer. For our clients we offer rich Italian luxury boats, said Executive Director of "Passat Bulgaria" Hristo Evtimov.
Interview with Plamen Minasov
- Mr. Evtimov, over the years, "Passat" was named to preserve the Bulgarian market. Today the company "Passat Bulgaria 'longevity continues this tradition. What our offer and the international market?
- "Passat Bulgaria" AD is successful for 30-year tradition of the "Passat" AD in the production of a wide range of fiberglass products designed for industry. At the end of November 2004 "Passat Bulgaria" started his own business. The company produces mainly for export and has proven its good manufacturing practices in markets such as Norway and the Netherlands. We produce a large number of fiberglass products. Work and advance the client. Recently started production of tanks for small wastewater treatment plants. And focused on products with a quick financial returns are now looking for the market. Among them are special containers for separate waste collection, which by their colors - yellow, green and blue - are known throughout the country. Produce them in two types of volumes - for 1.1 and 1.5 cubic meters These are the optimal amounts used here. With production in 2006 and 2007 succeeded in stabilizing the economic situation of the company.
- On the market are known as producers of boats. What create in this area?
- Yes, but first had to stabilize the financial capabilities of the company. So I gradually started to turn and look to building boats. Now the boats that we are poluribarski, poluturisticheski. It is, realistically, fish in the Black Sea in May not much left, but one more look lodka with which to walk, to feel more relaxed and only then to release the hook. This is the kind of entertainment that soothes many. Heading to the production of vessels, after being used on a cart is lifted and harvested in a particular place. I think a few years in our marinas will be given a concession, but where it entered private business, as you know, not emotions. Prices will soar and average Bulgarian hardly afford to maintain a boat dock. So we head in the production of boats that are smaller - up to 6 m. They can be easily transported. So I say that targeting their products to the middle and slightly below average standard of the Bulgarian customer who has not yet been clearly defined as a profile. But there are prospects for shaping the market. For rich clients offer a good opportunity - luxury boats «Lamberti» from Italy that are a higher level.
At a later stage can think about co-production with Italian partners. So we can say that the production that comes from our company, we try to cover a broader profile of the market for boats and yachts, as they say, from the fisherman to more affluent customers. But I think now in our yacht producer is impossible to stand alone in the market. It is necessary to work with partners from abroad. Otherwise the activity will be accompanied by a huge and not always justified risks. So we decided to "Passat Bulgaria" to build additional plants to plant now existing. They will include two new halls. One will be used for molding station. Its length is 60 meters and width of 12 m. The other will be used for construction activities, but will be slightly smaller - 54 m to 12 m. Among them are predicted to have a special area for machining and cleaning stakloplastmasovite articles. As a new area of shops will occupy about 2000 square meters They envisage the construction of vessels to 12 meters and possible future construction of catamarans width up to 8 m.Probably the last to be built in parts, because we have another opportunity to transport them to the sea. So to give their products an opportunity to be covered and those wishing to use boats in inland waters, whether deep rivers or dams. Especially for them we create tourism, fishing boats and canoes.
Am I now to our foreign partners to produce special seats lifeboats used on oil rigs. Have already begun their testing and they are very serious because our products have to withstand enormous pressure. A fall from a great height on the seat is pressure, which is equivalent to 2,250 kilograms.
- If we return briefly in the past, what was left from there in your mind, connected with the old "Passat"?
- Many things went through his head and in my hands. Many of them I suffered with my soul. The transition of the country went through very painful and myself. In the 90s of last century we did in the old factory parts for trucks. First we went to the Bulgarian market, creating quality and water slides that were in different colors and configurations. Produced a 7,000 m from this product and made ??a part of it to Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Macedonia, Greece, Russia and Ukraine. Common equipment over 50 entertainment sites. After privatization, the factory passed into private hands. Then with our international partners we signed contract for the production of several climb. Created a streamlined organization and training of staff, but then have subjective reasons to leave the factory. Not long after, in November 2004, his company created "Passat Bulgaria." It continued production, working with our Norwegian partners, without catamarans, of course. So our company is gradually stabilizing.
- What would you include in your product list now?
- A moment ago I mentioned that we will try to cover relatively less financially layers of people who want to buy a boat. I think our tourism started in a weird direction. Despite the high demands for 4 - and 5-star hotels now attract people with lower incomes in Europe. They would hardly want to entertain in luxury boats or yachts. We will rely here on a cheap adventure. I think that the future market of tourist services along already formed around the new hotel owners. They are interested to offer this type of new tourists and cheap entertainment. Thus attractions will be rotated about our kind of boats and cutters. So I think there will be a market place for our future and catamarans.

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