Location: trimaran Escape - 3 

By Dag Folestad *
Since 1999 my wife and I Ginka sail and live aboard the trimaran Escape - 3. About half of the year we spend on it, and during hurricane season living in Oslo, Norway. The boat is usually docked in Grenada or Kurakao. Only last year, keep it at the dock in Portugal.
I was 10 when I bought my first boat. I've always dreamed of sailing around the world. The first world tour made ??by sea in 1977 - 1978, with the boat Escape - 2 unique, specially made ??for my order. After several years of almost continuous sailing around the world sold this boat and stayed in Norway, where a few years succumbed to their business.
But dreams and the dreams began again - beaches, waves, sailing and living aboard. This time I wanted a stable boat with more space where we can live as a house, have family and guest comfort. I made ??new drawings, models and tests. The result was a trimaran, which called Escape - 3.
While working on the project, visited many places in search of good lodkostroitelni plants, factories and workshops. Manufacturing and services they did not have to be expensive, while they had to have qualified staff and a pleasant place to stay for a time of building. But most important was to find people who I can trust. I went in the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, to find the best place for my order to:
Tsarevo, Bulgaria
I remember it was 1993, just a few years after the fall of communism in Bulgaria. Hristo Evtimov, then director of the factory in Tsarevo and currently executive director of the "Passat Bulgaria", had everything I needed. Until then, it was built fiberglass boats and minesweepers for the Soviet Union, and his factory was closed. Available had experienced people, good food and wonderful place to stay - Tsarevo. Already at my first meeting with Christo felt that I could have confidence. I went to Norway, sold his apartment, bought materials and sent them in Tsarevo. As we say in Norway: All eggs in one basket.
I spent five unforgettable summers in Tsarevo, until it was building a boat. I witnessed the changes in Bulgaria and I think that not all of them were useful to ordinary people. Later I realized and appreciated his good fortune to come across the right people. Imagine what could happen if I sent the materials to others in Bulgaria. More than 14 years continue to work with the same partners in Bulgaria in the manufacture of other products for my clients in Norway, which in turn are very satisfied with the quality, delivery time and price.
Dag Folestad e Norwegian businessman and longtime sailor ...
According to Dag "Each boat must be designed with special functions. This is important when you buy or build a boat. Penalties and compromise between where you sail, how fast, how many people on board, how much space will you need to conservation of water and fuel, etc. And last but not least - how will all this cost? " Dag 9 years sailing in all seas and oceans with built in Bulgaria trimaran Escape - 3, which is the site dedicated adweb.as ...
Dag told us about his life on this boat 03.05.
2008 at a time when he flies her to the Mediterranean Sea en route to Greece, where he intends to spend the summer.
BULPROFOR was project leader and the composition of 6 people who were responsible for it. I work during the day I was following. I remember when you shook his head to show I'm glad they asked: "Why? What's wrong?" Then I realized that in Bulgaria must shake his head in the other direction if I want to say "yes." We used a sandwich structure which was new at that time. This is a way to produce unique boats (one off boats) without a matrix for mass production, and housing is lighter and more durable. Hristo Evtimov is definitely an expert who can tell
much of this technology, which has made ??many foreign vessels.
We have launched the Escape - 3 of water in 1998 in Tsarevo in 1999 and began a long tour around the world. We were in more than 30 countries: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Barbados, Grenada, Trinidad, Venezuela, Kurakao, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Bahamas, and Turok Siakosa , Islands St. John (BVI), St. Marten, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Bequia, Azores, Portugal, Morocco, Antigua, Martinique.
Trimaranat Escape - 3 is not the fastest. This is a sailing boat cruises and therefore a speed such as other boats. It is suitable for living aboard. Several times we took guests (charge) - and nice people who love fishing, diving, eating, drinking and smoking. Traveling is great fun, but they are required and much work. The best place for charter might be in Greece or Turkey, where there are many wonderful and interesting ports Islands. We had groups around the Caribbean and Venezuela to Kurakao. The area around Los Rokes and Aves is fantastic, but it is difficult to go there.
Intentionally did not want the ending of the boat is "shiny". Maintenance of all boats cost money and Escape - 3, of course, is no exception, but the way it was made, allowing support with much less money and effort than other trimaran in the same category.
It happened mostly good weather and fair wind. We fell and storms, of course - in Cuba and the Bahamas, but without having problems. But once trimaranat was docked in Grenada during the hurricane season, which was hit by Hurricane "Ivan". All boats were sunk in the marinade or overturned on one another. Escape - 3 also had received some damage, but thanks to the strength of the hull and mast were able to fully recover.

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