A sailing vessel Varna 

Sailing vessels have always attracted attention with her ??exquisite appearance and beautiful views of sailing, sailing with full sails set, is really exciting. They remind us of the turbulent and glorious years of the great sea voyages of discovery of new worlds, nostalgic during "iron" sailors. Shipbuilders for the design and construction of naval ship has always been prestigious and demanding task. In a sense, the realization of a project of sailing ship could be seen as a peak in the work of a professional-yard.
By Dr. Nikolai M. Tranulov
Manager of RTD Ltd.
During the period 2003 - 2005, the company RTD LTD made ??complete design of Three masts sailing ship, a replica of the existing barkentina BMF "Kaliakra". The ship was designed in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Register of Shipping in "Rules for Classification and Sonstruction. I-Ship Technology. Seagoing Ship" 2003 and will be assigned to class housing BR 100A5 Training Sailing Yacht and mechanical equipment BR MC Yacht, and certificate under the Code for Safety for Special Purpose Ship. The project meets the requirements of BRS, the Maritime Administration, and all international and national conventions and rules applicable to the case.
Developed technical and business project is consistent with the Bulgarian Register of Shipping.
The type of ship is barkentina Three masts for sailing educational purposes, with maximum continuous power of main engine 340 hp, dvupaluben with sheer and curved beams with milk and kliperski trimmed cape. Its purpose is to train practitioners and kreyserski voyages. Sailing area is unlimited.
The main dimensions and other important characteristics of the vessel are as follows:
Length overall
(With bowsprit) L = 54,40 m gab
Maximum length L max = 44,90 m
between perpendiculars Lbp = 37,00 m
Width B = 8,20 m
Depth D = 5,10 m
project - from OL (design) d = 3,20 m
maximum of Kiel (design) d k = 3,93 m
Displacement at d = 3,20 m? = 392,00 m 3
Crew 9 / 15 people
Practitioners 25 / 50 people
Area fans of ~ 1000 m 2
Fuel ~ 30 m 3
Fresh water ~ 30 m 3
Autonomy in fuel
fresh water supplies and 20 days.
Resistance vessel design fully meets the requirements of Rules of BRS assigned to his class. It is envisaged that the deployment of solid ballast in the keel. Nepotopimostta is provided by dividing the hull watertight compartment 5. Nepotopimostta emergency and stability for its assigned class are provided in the warming of any compartment in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of SOLAS and the Code for Safety for Special Purpose Ship.
The hull is steel, with kragloskuli obvodi. The dimensions of the structural elements are defined in accordance with the rules of BRS, "Rules for Classification and Sonstruction. I-Ship Technology. Part1 Seagoing" Ship-2003. The distance between the cross rib is 500 mm along the entire length of the ship. Hull with a transverse system of sets and the structure is fully welded. The material for the construction of the hull and deckhouses Shipbuilding is plain carbon steel with yield Ren = 235 N / mm 2, tel. And, under the right: "Part 1 - Metallic Materials" 2003.
Transverse watertight bulkheads is of ribs: (13/18/11) (47/48) 61i 70. The partitions are flat with vertical supporting stands. Barriers embedded in the hull tankers are flat, supported by ribs of the profile and material way.
The ship's wheelhouse provided four - one in the stern for access podpalubnoto space, a wheelhouse, wheelhouse over a low saloon in the central part of the ship's wheelhouse and one forming in the classroom bow.
Anchor device consists of two anchors type "Spek" with a mass 400 kg each which are located in the bow anchor in the niches. Anchor are two anchor chains with a caliber 19 mm, with steel studs with Category 2 strength. The lengths of the anchor chains are: left - 150 m, and right - 175 m. Chains are separated keys. Service anchors in the nose is provided an electric combination "anchor-mooring" chain windlass with two stars and traction force 3500 kg. (Type DZC 3302). To keep the chain lowered anchors and anchors to secure the situation in the camp are two stopper with a cloak. For keeping the chain pipes hull penetrators are provided to the board and the chain box. Box chain with volume 1,5 m 3 and thereto are provided devices for quick detachment of the circuit.
Mooring and Towing Towing device include one and three mooring ropes of silk, polyamide. Operations are carried out with ropes by hand, using drums Anchor windlass-mooring and hand down tailing winch on the stern. For mooring operations are down 10 double cleats spaced evenly 5 board from stem to stern. In the bow is designed for a bollard Towing operations.
Controllability of the ship is done with an item located in the DR behind the propeller.
Pen is rectangular, balanced with a streamlined profile NACA0017, with an area of 4,0 m 2, camping in the heel of the stern stops. Item is a steel, welded construction, hollow inside overflows with adequate coverage. Angle of deflection of the pen is ± 35 ° on DR.
To divert pen uses one electro-hydraulic steering machine type DDM 4000. Management steering machine is controlled by the wheelhouse. Emergency management is provided with a hand tiller which is mounted at the top of balera. To improve the maneuverability of the ship and bow down bow device.
Nikolay Tranulov is one of our consultants - people who very kindly and generously our caregivers with experience and knowledge. In this issue you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the views and abilities of Prof. N. Tranulov to create malkotonazhni vessels. Feel very safe, leaning on his shoulder, because besides teaching and shipbuilder, he was president of the Bulgarian Association "Malki ships and equipment" since 1995, he took up in any number of you familiar with any of Bulgarian producers of small vessels vessels.
Tranulov Nikolay was born in 1944 in Varna. Graduate engineer shipbuilder in 1970 at the Technical University - Varna, PhD (design of motor yachts) in 1978 in Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute - Russia. From 1970 to 1972 worked in the shipyards - Varna. Then until 2007 taught at TU - Varna, from 1990 to 1994 he was Head of Department "Shipbuilding". Leader in the design of over 20 various projects for ships and boats. Author of four tutorials on design and architecture of the ship, and many publications on the subject. In 1991, the company creates RTD LTD.
Rescue funds are selected according to the requirements of DMA order. There are 4 pieces of 25 local inflatable rescue countertop and 5 number 8 local hard countertop. Inflatable rafts are two in the stern and two in the middle and hard surfaces are located on svetlika the salon. Hundred and thirty six life-jackets for adults, and thirty-five issues termokostyumi are provided and stored in easily accessible areas of the ship (in the chest under the seats in the cabin crew and chests under the seats of open deck). There are a total of 10 rescue circle, placed in racks to lifeline enclosure. Four rings are fitted with luminous buoys approved type and svetodimyashti buoys and 6 are equipped with floating lifeline with a length of 30 m,? 8 mm.Hvargalo provided is a rope 30 m.
Signal lights and equipment are selected and arranged in accordance with the requirements of the ship and the rules MPPSM.
Lifeline enclosure is provided with a height of 1000 mm from the deck. On the outer walls of the superstructure down storm handles.
The architectural design of sailing provides formation of individual areas, which also are functionally separated from the main transverse bulkheads. In the aft part of the transom to the bulkhead of r.3 / 5 is formed with a large wardroom table and sofa for 14 people.
Four two-seater cabins are located in the region between the barriers of the Danube River 3 to 18. River front bulkhead 18 of right and left are the cabins of the captain and chief engineer. On the left side by the river barrier 48 next two-five crew cabins with beds on two levels. All cabins have private bathrooms. In the descriptions of the area dimetralnata plane to starboard is shaped spacious lounge with four rows of wooden tables and benches with backs - for 8 people in a diametrical plane for 6 people to board. The nose is shaped buffet, followed by food. Kubrick for 16 people is located in the region between the barriers of the Danube River 48 to 61. To it are two bathrooms. 61 river front rooms are designed for storage of sails and dryer.
Engine room is located between the ribs 11? 39 in the main building in height from the bottom to the platform of 2800 by RA. There will be a four-cylinder diesel engine, non-reversing, with a supercharged type: MAN-D2866LXE40, with a maximum continuous power (MCR): 340 hp. at a speed at MSR: 1800 min -1. Is electrically released. Actuators type "Mekanord-270HS" a 4,47:1 ratio (5,1:1). Gear actuators, eccentric, with vertical shafts available with dissociative connector with built-stopping camp with integrated brake with self-propelled oil pump and water cooled. Reversing the course is done using a propeller with variable step. The planned valoprovod propeller driven variable step chetirilopusen diameter 1380 mm. Management of the propeller is remote hydraulic. There are adequate systems in place - and serving obshtokorabni main engine.
Sources of electricity are two diesel generators with power output of 77 kWA at 1500 rev / min (3x400V, 50 Hz, cos? 0,8). Diesel generators are mounted on rubber-metal vibroizolatori. Start-up is electric.
Internal connections and signalizitsii include telephone connection, command-spoke system, fire alarm and signaling system with VHF radiotelephone equipment, MF / HF radio, INMARSAT C satellite r.st. with integrated decoder for EGC, NAVTEX, Satellite emergency radiobuy (EPIRB), GPS navigation receiver, portable VHF River Senior vodozasht. - 2. complete with chargers. The navigation equipment consists of radiolocators - 2. Combined system lag - echo sounder (Tridata), electronic compass, wind gauge, a guide to position the rudder, navigation computer (laptop).
Office management and control are: local control position at Ch. engine control position of the bridge for remote management and control of main engine incl. screw fixed step and reversreduktor. There is a protection system of propulsion of the ship.
Sail rig is fulfilled by the accepted scheme for barkentina:
- Fok mast with sails made;
- Mainsail mast gaff sail and tops;
- Mizzen Mast with a Bermuda sail.
Masts are steel, welded construction, solid (compound). Can be removed through flange joint above the main deck. Fok mast has a playground and marsova saling and 5 REI for making sails. Mainsail and Mizzen mast has two kraspika yacht type openwork design. Bowsprit is made ??of steel, welded construction with an angle of 17 o head. REIT of Fok mast is welded construction, steel, fastened to the mast steady. The above three are equipped with rolrifove. Gikat mainsail, gaff and Bizanti are welded construction, aluminum. For fixing Booms in pohodnomu provides stationary stands.
Fixed rigging - all shtagove are made ??from stainless steel. These and a jib jib fitted with rolrifove. The other elements of the stationary rigging are performed by galvanized steel wires. Wire ends are fitted with tapered ends. Viblenkite shrouds of a mast Fok of wood, and those of the mainsail and spanker masts - from ropes.
Rolling rigging is full of proven practice in the marine systems of this type of craft. Given the service are selected manually ropes? 8 and 20 mm, suitable for use with hands and provolka? 12 dry profile galvanized 16 +1.
All ears for attachment of movable and fixed steel rigging are fitted to the deck and mast. Nagel banks are made ??of stainless steel and wood. Nage are bronze, limited to one frame size.
All sails are Dacron weighing 200-450 gr / m 2 depending on their use. The cut and construction, consistent with good seamanship and experience in operating a similar type of ship. Selected pieces are 21 fans. There are 4 options for sail schemes: basic 964 m 2, reduced 557 m 2 storm I 303 m 2 and storm II 117 m 2. Depending on operating conditions, various versions of the rig at the discretion of the master.

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